A whole new world of payment solutions.

To make things easier, to reduce the time taken and to make today's busy lives more convenient, Payism embarked on a journey to tap the potential of next generation payment solutions offered under a single account.


Pay & buy on the move

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Over 150 payment services. Made possible with Payism.

Payism offers a complete marketplace with over 150 payment services in addition to purchase options and banking services. Our strong technical competency, in-depth knowledge and a dedicated team of expert developers and engineers has helped us churn-out Payism, the next big innovation in both digital as well as conventional payments.


A complete marketplace. right across your street.

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Bank on us for all your banking transactions.

Make all your transactions without having to go to the bank. With Payism, your nearest Payism Outlet acts as a mini bank, offering you all banking services at one go.

Choose the best way to pay.

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